What is the Zenith Difference?

At Zenith, we aim to provide a holistic experience, tailor-made for you to achieve maximum results depending upon your

individual requirements and genetic makeup


The key features of our services include:


Health, posture and fitness assessment

Tailored program workouts, using the latest in industry research and technology designed to achieve long term sustainable results

Follow up call, text or e-mail after each session

Nutrition advice, including provision of a food journal and recommended eating plans

24 hour ongoing support, including unlimited questions and advice

Our trainers will accompany you to visit specialists, particularly in cases of injury or illness

Personalised, caring, family model of personal training

Flexible training packages for all ages and members of the family – train with your partner, children or parents

Variety of training venues – studio, local parks and beaches or at your home



Zenith Personal Training 

Phone: 0406 545 110

E-mail: francis@zenithpersonaltraining.com.au

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